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Welcome to Songbirds


Fun Singing Sessions

Songbirds provides fun singing sessions for Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1 children, in schools, pre-schools and other settings such as after-school clubs.

Live Music

In a typical session we help children to find their voices, explore rhythm and movement and have fun listening to and responding to music.  All our sessions are creatively accompanied on the piano/keyboard.

Experienced Teachers

Frances and Lydia have over 14 years experience singing, performing and making music with children and families.  Frances and Lydia have grade 8 singing/piano and are CRB cleared by NYCC.

Who We Are


Meet Lydia and Frances…

Lydia says: ‘I had the good fortune of growing up in a musical home.  Very early in life, I was exposed to a wide variety of (mainly classical) music, and one of my first memories is of my mother playing the piano.  I began to play piano by ear, making up lots of pieces from an early age, and writing them down with a curious system numbers!

Piano lessons soon followed – these continued right into higher education, where I gained a BA honours degree in music.

I am convinced that singing and making music are amongst the most enjoyable activities for children. 

It is also hugely rewarding to know that we are passing on the rich treasure-trove of songs that we loved when we were young.’

Frances says: ‘I began my musical journey apparently standing up in my cot singing tuneful nursery rhymes.  Thanks to the encouragement of my parents, teachers and friends, music has always been a big part of my life, both playing the piano and the violin, and singing.  Whether that was home-spun kids’ concerts for Christmas, busking string trios with friends as teenagers, or playing orchestral music, or singing in chapel and chamber choirs as a student, music has opened doors.

I always feel happiest when I am singing – and want to share this with the children we work with.

Songs stay with us, deep in our memory, and we are the richer for singing them together.

Our Mission

Songbirds is a specialist Early Years and Primary age music provider, with a singing leader and accompanying pianist.  We work with whole classes or year groups in schools, or whole cohorts of children in their Early Years setting, enabling them to learn new songs, sing familiar songs and have a lot of fun in the process.
We seek to enhance and complement the learning that is going on in and around school, by linking to topics or themes where possible, and giving children the chance to shine in a different environment from the classroom.  We love to be able to make sessions fit with your curriculum needs, and we can fit in with particular topics.





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Singing is good for children!  Songbirds help children to find their voices through singing traditional and new songs, listening and responding to music.

Songbirds provides a safe, fun, musical environment for your child as they explore various forms of song and movement and thereby developing their confidence and social skills, as they participate in group sessions.

The benefits of early music experience:

1. Fun and enjoyment!

2. Develop a love of music

3. Develop hand/eye co-ordination, memory, listening and taking turns

4. Language development

5. Confidence/ social integration

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There’s nothing like a really good sing-song to make everyone feel better and smile!  Songbirds provides a fun environment where children are able to learn and enjoy a wide variety of songs including folk and traditional.

We are passionate about improving the quality and quantity of singing that takes place in local primary schools and pre-schools/nurseries.  We seek to enhance and complement the learning that is going on and around school, by linking to topics or themes where possible, and giving children the chance to shine in a different environment from the classroom.

We love to be able to make sessions complement your curriculum needs, and are able to tailor our sessions to fit in with your current topics, such as: counting or alphabet songs; animals; the natural world/weather; African/Caribbean culture; historical songs; social interaction/greetings.

Alternatively if you are a parent who would like your child to enjoy the musical and social benefits of one of our after school clubs then please contact us for a chat.

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Many songs have games, clapping patterns or actions that go with them.  These aid the learning of the words, help keep a tight rhythmic structure, and provide increased volume and energy as the whole body is working.  For the very young it may be as simple as lifting arms up and down to echo the meaning of marching up and down.

As children progress and learn some more complex songs in our sessions it is wonderful to see the singing games being played at playtime, or hearing that siblings and parents are joining in at home.

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The sound and vibrations of the piano have immense benefit in undergirding the higher pitched singing voices with strong bass notes and harmonies.  Also, in the case of the children with severe learning difficulties, the sensory experience of sitting next to the resounding piano has been proved to be very therapeutic.

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Songbirds ensure that fun is a core aspect of every session, so that children learn without even realising it!

‘Music can be used to reinforce challenging concepts, numeracy, motor skills and language development, says Howard Goodall, composer… “When children are singing they are taking in information and training the brain but they don’t think they are, they think they are just having fun.”

Rhythm is a good example.  When a child is taught about it they also learn about mathematical concepts like ratios, fractions and proportion… Learning song lyrics can improve mental agility and reading skills.’

Taken from BBC News article




‘Songbirds Frances and Lydia have been providing weekly music sessions at the Pre-school for over 2 years.  Each week the children are captivated by, and engaged with, the wonderful songs, instruments and movement to music.  We cannot recommend them highly enough…every setting/school needs Songbirds!’

‘My daughter loves the music sessions and always talks about them excitedly’

‘We did horsey songs today and then bells’ – Rosie, age 3

‘We like using the instruments and love doing the actions!’ –  Primary School

‘A really fun interactive session led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable practitioners.’ – Year 1  Primary School teacher




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‘Sing Up is an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation providing the complete singing solution for schools through resources, training and personalised support. Sing Up believes that all children have the right to good quality singing provision, to deepen their understanding of music and singing, bolster curriculum learning, and develop lasting tools to express themselves with confidence.’

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